France: artist John Hamon launches a series of banknotes recorded on the blockchain

John Hamon launches a series of numbered banknotes recorded on the blockchain.

A Bitcoin Machine project associated with these notes is said to be under preparation.

French artist John Hamon is launching a series of numbered banknotes on the blockchain. A cryptocurrency project associated with these banknotes is in preparation.

John Hamon x Blockchain

John Hamon is a French artist specializing in urban art, known for having disseminated his image in the form of a poster in the streets of Paris.

This time the artist is launching a series of tickets bearing his effigy. The series consists of 5,000 numbered banknotes. The first 100 tickets are sold signed in limited series to reinforce the value of this collection. Tickets are also available individually and in sheet form.

The “John Hamoney” banknote was printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire and has all the characteristics of a banknote: watermark, security thread, hologram, invisible fluorescent ink and an individual serial number.

The artist also plans to record each ticket on the blockchain. In addition, the edited banknotes may be associated with cryptocurrency in the near future. John Hamon said:

I am very interested in this ongoing revolution and I find that what is happening in this universe on topics like freedom and decentralization is much more inspiring than what is happening in the current art world where everything is more and more centralized and controlled.

The artist explains that the value that we give to a currency challenged him since it is a concept „quite vague“ and basically it remains a “ piece of printed paper . „