Bitcoin miners from Bitmain sold out by spring 2021

Bitmain and MicroBT report that several of their miners will be sold out by spring 2021 due to high demand.

In the meantime, search Bitmain’s official websiteaccording to the miners Antminer S19 Pro and T19, you will find out that all pre-orderers have to wait for their orders until May next year

But not only Bitmain is currently in trouble when it comes to the procurement of mining equipment. The company’s main competitor, MicroBT, reported that the WhatsMiner M30 was sold out.

A company spokesman spoke out about the product shortageThe Block:

We continue to work hard to get more chip capacity from Samsung to accommodate more pre-orders for future inventory.

The sold out miners can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer, but only with a significant price premium. The Antminer S19 was originally priced at $ 3,000. This has now leveled off at US $ 3,800-4,100. Pre-orderers were able to purchase the miner for 2,684 US dollars.

The currently soaring Bitcoin price triggered a real hype. It sometimes happens that customers want to buy 1,000 miners at once, explained Mike Colyer, CEO of Foundry, a subsidiary of the Digital Currency Group .

Mike Novogratz revealed the amount of Bitcoin and Ethereum he had

Wall Street investor Mike Novogratz recently revealed, in a Nugget’s News conversation with Alex Saunders, how much Bitcoin and Ethereum he had at one time. He also talked about the market.

– Mike Novogratz (@novogratz) November 11, 2020

Certainly, Mike Novogratz’s involvement in Bitcoin began when he first bought crypt coins. Before he retired from Fortress and became the CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners.

Mike Novogratz promotes crypto currencies in the face of a possible new wave of federal stimulus

How much Bitcoin and Ethereum did Mike Novogratz start with?

Novogratz, a former partner at Goldman Sachs and a former manager at the Fortress Investment Group, has invested in 30,000 BTC, which is now estimated at $480 million. By the way, the investor started when Bitcoin was only worth $100.

Indeed, Mike Novogratz, revealed that his first foray into the crypto market was a purchase of 30,000 Bitcoins (BTC) and half a million Ethereum (ETH).

„My first purchases of Bitcoin were around $95. They were very speculative. I bought it because I thought it would go up. And when I started looking at it and researching it, I thought this could be great.

He continued by narrating his experience: „So I called a friend named Dan Morehead at Pantera Capital. I said, look at this, I don’t have enough time, and after two weeks he called me and said, buddy, this is going to change the world. So we decided, Pete Briger, my other partner, Dan and I, that we would buy a lot of Bitcoin.

In fact, Novogratz goes on to talk about when he planned to sell his stack of BTC and how his partner stopped him from doing so.

„Ultimately, I wanted to sell it for 1,000. That had been my plan, to sell it and buy a jet. My partner Pete Briger wouldn’t let me. He was so adamant in saying, ‚I’m doing you a favor. This is going to go a lot higher. We never want to sell it.
Regarding Ethereum

Speaking about Ethereum, he said that he bought the cryptomoney from the project’s founder, Vitalik Buterin. In general, in an over-the-counter transaction.

„My first ETH, I actually bought it from Vitalik Buterin. I met him once at a dinner party and he remembered me. But, they thought it was good for the community to have a Wall Street guy buying, so I bought half a million Ethereum for 99 cents.

Basically, Novogratz bought 500,000 Buterin ETH at $0.99 each. Also, Mike Novogratz joked that Buterin raised the price for him, by one cent per coin, because he was too slow to buy.

Novogratz: Use of Bitcoin as a store of value is predominant

The importance of buying Bitcoin

In the same vein, the podcast discussion also focused on a Bitcoin buyout by Wall Street investor Stanley Druckenmiller, a friend of Novogratz.

In summary, Mike Novogratz said he believes that the endorsement of Bitcoin by his friends is probably one of the most important stories in this space in a long time.

The investor rated Druckenmiller as the best investor of the last five decades. Commenting on his 30-year track record of no losses for his investors.

Similarly, Novogratz showed similar thoughts when billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones made a similar endorsement in May.

Bitcoin fell back this Saturday after reaching USD 16,400

Have you ever wondered how much crypto currency investor Mike Novogratz owns?

As a curiosity, he didn’t reveal how much Bitcoin and Ethereum he owns today. But he did mention, that he has a net value of at least 25% in liquid cryptomoney.

In short, he continues to invest in projects related to the Blockchain technology, with Galaxy Digital.

To close, I leave you with this phrase from Warren Buffett: „Don’t save what’s left after you’ve spent. If you don’t spend what’s left after you save“.

TA: Bitcoin sube un 5%, por qué los retrocesos siguen siendo atractivos para los toros

El precio de Bitcoin comenzó un fuerte aumento después de romper la resistencia de 16.000 dólares contra el dólar americano. El BTC ha subido un 5% y ahora se enfrenta a obstáculos cercanos a los 16.500 dólares.

  • Bitcoin consiguió superar la resistencia de 16.000$ para iniciar otra subida.
  • El precio está actualmente operando muy por encima del soporte de 16.200$ y de la media móvil simple de 100 horas.
  • Hay dos líneas de tendencia alcista que se están formando con un soporte cercano a los 16.080$ y 15.900$ en el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD (datos del Kraken).
  • El par podría corregir algunos puntos, pero las caídas se limitarán a menos de 16.000 dólares.

El precio de Bitcoin se establece por encima de 16.000 dólares

Ayer discutimos el significado de una ruptura al alza en el precio del Bitcoin Evolution por encima de la resistencia de 16.000 dólares. BTC ganó fuerza y fue capaz de superar el nivel de resistencia de 16.000 dólares.

El precio incluso rompió la resistencia de 16.200 dólares y se asentó muy por encima de la media móvil simple de 100 horas. Operó cerca de la resistencia de $16.500 y se formó un nuevo máximo de varios meses cerca de $16.487. El precio está actualmente consolidando ganancias cerca del nivel de 16.350 dólares.

Un soporte inicial está cerca del nivel de $13,650. Está cerca del nivel de retroceso de Fibras del 23.6% del reciente movimiento alcista de los 15.895 dólares de mínimo a 16.487 dólares de máximo.

El primer gran apoyo en la parte baja está cerca del nivel de 16.200 dólares. El nivel de retroceso del 50% del reciente movimiento ascendente de los 15.895 dólares a 16.487 dólares también está cerca del nivel de 16.195 dólares. Además, hay dos líneas de tendencia alcista que se forman con un soporte cerca de los $16,080 y $15,900 en el gráfico horario del par BTC/USD.

En el lado positivo, el nivel de $16,500 es una fuerte resistencia. Un quiebre exitoso por encima de la resistencia de $16,500 podría abrir las puertas para un empuje hacia el nivel de $16,800 en el corto plazo.

¿Las caídas siguen teniendo soporte en el BTC?

Si Bitcoin comienza una corrección a la baja, la zona de soporte de 16.200 dólares podría actuar como un soporte decente. El siguiente gran soporte está cerca del nivel de 16.000 dólares (la reciente zona de ruptura).

Una ruptura por debajo del soporte de 16.000 dólares y ambas líneas de tendencia alcista podrían acelerar las pérdidas de bitcoin y podría disminuir hacia el nivel de soporte de 15.500 dólares.

Indicadores técnicos:

  • MACD por hora – El MACD está perdiendo lentamente impulso en la zona alcista.
  • RSI (Índice de Fuerza Relativo) – El RSI para el BTC/USD se está corrigiendo actualmente a la baja desde el nivel 70.
  • Niveles de soporte principales – 16.200 dólares, seguidos de 16.000 dólares.
  • Principales niveles de resistencia – $16,500, $16,800 y $16,850.

Ripple made transfers to 45 million XRP

According to the tracking service XRPL Monitor, in the last 24 hours the financial company Ripple has transferred 45 million XRP worth $11,540,296.

The popular bot has tweeted that Ripple has transferred 20 million XRP in two transactions.

Ten million XRP was transferred between Ripple wallets, the other part went to Bitstamp’s ODL corridor in Luxembourg.

As far as internal Ripple transfers are concerned, they are carried out quite frequently, as this is how the company allocates funds for operating expenses to be sent to its partners (large financial institutions) and to cryptormeries to maintain the liquidity of the coin.

From time to time, Ripple sends XRP to its partner MoneuGram, who cashes the funds almost immediately. Another part of the total 45 million XRP was sent to another ODL platform by Bitbank, a Japanese cryptographic exchange.

Legendary trader Peter Brandt recently tweeted that the US SEC would have long classified XRP as a security if she had any idea how the cryptographic currency works. A well-known trader often criticizes this cryptovalue, calling it a fraud and accusing Ripple of manipulating the cryptovalue market.

In October, Ripple won a partial victory in a long class action in which XRP is accused of being an unregistered security.

Bitcoin og PayPal har skabt overskrifter

Bitcoin og PayPal har skabt overskrifter, men hvad med andre kryptotendenser?

Bitcoin og andre kryptokurver har haft fordel, både hvad angår pris og stemning, efter nyheden om, at PayPal PYPL -2,6% vil støtte kryptotransaktioner, men hvad betyder det for den langsigtede udvikling af sektoren?

At forsøge at forudsige fremtiden for digital valuta er meget som at prøve at forudsige Internets fremtid i 1992; i bedste fald en vanskelig opgave. Når det er sagt, er det svært at overvurdere, hvor vigtig nyheden relateret Bitcoin Evolution til PayPal, der understøtter kryptotransaktioner, er for vedtagelse og modning af kryptokurrency. Næsten natten over vil over 300 millioner brugere have mulighed for at betale for varer og tjenester via krypto og gøre det ved hjælp af en platform og en grænseflade, der er et integreret aspekt af e-handel.

En sådan udvikling kombineret med rygterne om, at PayPal var / er i forhandlinger om at købe en kryptokurrencyorganisation, herunder potentielt en bitcoin-depot, har drevet bitcoinpriserne til vedvarende niveauer, der ikke tidligere er set i 2020.

Anbefalet til dig

Ikke en kold krig: Kina bruger en digital valutaopstand til at afmontere den amerikanske dollar
En grundlæggende tilgang til diversificering af aktiver mislykkes – Bitcoin kan have svaret
PayPal gav bare 346 millioner mennesker en ny måde at købe Bitcoin på – men der er en grim fangst

Spændende nyheder er helt sikkert, men borer ned over overskrifterne og spændingen, der er flere interessante overvejelser, som denne udvikling kan rumme for fremtiden for digitale penge og transaktioner. Ikke kun specifikt for bitcoin, disse potentielle effekter og udviklinger har potentialet til at omdefinere, hvordan virtuel valuta opfattes ud fra et forretnings-, regulerings- og forbrugerperspektiv.

Virtuelle valutaer er almindelige. Startende med den mest åbenlyse virkning af meddelelsen er, at forskellige typer virtuelle valutaer definitivt er i den almindelige samtale. PayPal er selvfølgelig en af ​​de finansielle formidlere, som bitcoin oprindeligt var designet til at forstyrre, men det synes uundgåeligt, at et vis grad af samarbejde og kompromis vil være nødvendigt for at opnå bredere vedtagelse og udnyttelse.

Uanset hvilken form virtuelle valutaer i sidste ende tager, er faktum, at digitale transaktioner er pengernes fremtid.

Regulering er ved at indhente. Selv med alle de forstyrrelser og negative nyheder, der er sket i løbet af 2020, fortsætter tempoet med regulatorisk klarhed og opdateringer relateret til blockchain og cryptoassets næsten uformindsket. Betegnet med den nylige afklaring fra kontoret til valutakontrolløren, som grundlæggende åbnede det kommercielle banksystem for stabile valutaudstedere, er tendensen umiskendelig. Ikke kun er regulatorer over hele kloden hurtigt blevet uddannet i blockchain- og kryptoproblemer, tilgangen ser ud til at skifte til en, der er markedsvenlig og pro-vækst.

Da store organisationer, herunder PayPal, fortsætter med at investere betydeligt i blockchain- og kryptosektoren, ville det være rimeligt at konkludere, at reguleringsklarheden fortsat vil blive forbedret.

On-ramperne er her. En fortsat hindring og modvind for ikke-ekspertbrugere, der faktisk bruger kryptokurver som et legitimt fiat-alternativ, har været, at køb og brug af kryptokurver i mange tilfælde ikke er så intuitivt eller så let som nuværende alternativer. Da PayPal åbnede markedet for et verdensomspændende publikum komplet med mobilapplikationer, der bruges af mange af disse kunder, er denne fortælling blevet vendt. Nu komplet med PayPal’s fortrolighed og sikkerhed, som forbrugerne er komfortable med at bruge, kan enkeltpersoner og handlende handle ved hjælp af krypto.

Alt-mønter og CBDC’er kommer. En anden megatrend, der i det mindste midlertidigt blev skubbet ud af overskrifterne er den fortsatte stigning og spredning af stablecoins og centralbankens digitale valutaer. Alene i 2020 har der været snesevis af høringer, whitepapers og samtaler omkring potentialet i forskellige aktiver-støttede mønter af flere logiske grunde. Reduceret prisvolatilitet, den implicitte eller eksplicitte backstop af det underliggende aktiv eller det udstedende statslige agentur og potentiel større brug som en faktisk valuta har alle styrket væksten i dette rum. Det faktum, at PayPal i det væsentlige har godkendt brugen af ​​kryptokurrency som en levedygtig onlineindkøbsmekanisme, vil kun fremskynde disse tendenser på mellemlang og lang sigt.

Regnskab kan indhente. Regnskabsregler og regler skaber muligvis ikke overskrifter eller er det mest livlige samtaleemne i blockchain- og cryptoasset-rummet, men det er en integreret del af den vellykkede vækst i sektoren. Med store institutioner, herunder men ikke begrænset til meddelelser og handlinger hos PayPal, der går ind i retningslinjerne for plads, regnskab og rapportering

Il volume dei futures di Surging Bitcoin evidenzia un crescente interesse istituzionale

Il volume dei futures e l’interesse aperto ha registrato un picco nelle borse dei derivati dopo che il prezzo del Bitcoin ha raggiunto gli 11,7K$, evidenziando una crescente partecipazione da parte degli investitori istituzionali.

Il 12 ottobre il prezzo Bitcoin (BTC) ha superato gli 11.700 dollari su Binance e i dati mostrano che anche le negoziazioni nelle borse dei derivati hanno iniziato ad aumentare.

Secondo i dati di Skew, il CME Bitcoin Pro futures open interest ha iniziato a recuperare. Il termine interesse aperto si riferisce all’ammontare totale dei contratti lunghi e corti aperti in un dato momento ed è tipicamente usato per valutare l’attività di trading sul mercato dei futures.

Volume dei futures CME Bitcoin

Anche il volume giornaliero delle altre piattaforme incentrate sulle istituzioni, tra cui LMAX Digital e Bakkt, rimane elevato. Questo suggerisce che il volume istituzionale sta crescendo in generale dopo il forte rally di BTC.

Cosa c’è dietro l’impennata?
Negli ultimi due mesi, tre conglomerati multimiliardari di dollari hanno annunciato pubblicamente investimenti di dimensioni significative in Bitcoin.

In primo luogo, MicroStrategy, una società statunitense quotata al Nasdaq, ha dichiarato di aver investito 425 milioni di dollari in Bitcoin. La società ha detto che avrebbe trattato BTC come il suo principale asset di tesoreria, essenzialmente come una copertura contro l’inflazione.

Poi, il conglomerato di pagamenti da 81 miliardi di dollari Square ha seguito con un investimento di 50 milioni di dollari. Square ha investito l’1% del suo portafoglio in BTC, dimostrando di essere forte nella sua crescita a lungo termine.

Il 13 ottobre, come riportato dal Cointelegraph, Stone Ridge, un asset manager da 10 miliardi di dollari, ha acquistato 10.000 BTC. La società è ora la terza grande società degli Stati Uniti ad aver effettuato un importante investimento in Bitcoin negli ultimi due mesi.

A seguito degli investimenti di alto profilo in Bitcoin di MicroStrategy, Square e Stone Ridge, la domanda istituzionale di Bitcoin potrebbe crescere in modo naturale. I ricercatori di Skew hanno detto:

„L’interesse dei futures CME #bitcoin open interest sta rimbalzando con la riapertura del carry trade. Guardate il rapporto COT di questo fine settimana per i fondi potenzialmente più leveraged shorts“.

I dati sui futures Bitcoin di Digital Assets Data mostrano anche un notevole aumento di volume nelle ultime 2 settimane.

Volume dei futures BTC per borsa

È possibile che l’interesse aperto dei futures Bitcoin dell’ECM sia stato recuperato dopo la scadenza mensile di settembre. Ogni contratto futures CME mensile scade l’ultimo venerdì di ogni mese. Poiché il mercato dei futures si resetta dopo ogni scadenza, l’interesse aperto scende con esso in tandem.

Ma l’aumento complessivo del volume su varie piattaforme istituzionali indica che la domanda istituzionale è probabilmente in aumento.

Anche le operazioni OTC tra le balene potrebbero aumentare
Dall’inizio di ottobre, i ricercatori di Whalemap hanno detto che gli accordi OTC tra le balene sono aumentati.

Whalemap, una piattaforma che tiene traccia dell’attività delle balene e dei traffici degli investitori di alto valore, ha scoperto che gli affari di persona hanno registrato un notevole aumento soprattutto prima e dopo importanti annunci. Hanno detto:

„Non vedevo l’ora di vedere se sarebbero arrivate altre operazioni OTC, e così è stato. Sono sempre più propenso all’idea che si possano vedere queste operazioni OTC che avvengono a catena prima che la notizia venga diffusa“.

In cima all’alta attività istituzionale e delle balene, il volume complessivo del mercato spot è aumentato simultaneamente.

Volumi spot BTC giornalieri aggregati

Durante una tendenza al rialzo, un alto volume di spot è fondamentale per sostenere lo slancio al rialzo in quanto mostra un genuino interesse per il Bitcoin da parte degli investitori al dettaglio.

Behavior of Bitcoin at the beginning of October

Get to know the details about the behaviour of the main cryptomoney, Bitcoin, during the first days of this October.

The most important of the crypto currencies, arrives to October in the middle of all kind of forecasts. Certainly, no one can say for sure what will happen to Bitcoin this month, but it is possible to explain its behaviour during these first days.

As for mining, Bitcoin continues to expand its Hashrate. The hash power of the world’s leading digital currency recently reached a new all-time high of 143 EH/s. However, at the beginning of this month, it has fallen back to 135 EH/s.

In relation to the price, it has fluctuated between $10,200 and $10,800. From 21 September to these first days of October, this margin has been maintained. These data were extracted from the graphs of the portal

Behavior of Bitcoin before the BitMEX case

As you may recall, the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) drove the price of Bitcoin down. Just as in past events, they caused the value of this cryptomone to plummet.

However, with the growth and progress that Bitcoin is experiencing, a significant degree of maturity has begun to be seen. The first days of this month, the earthquake that has meant the CFTC’s persecution against BitMEX, has not affected the price of Bitcoin.

As indicated in multiple news items, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), accused three members related to the aforementioned BitMEX, of violating laws related to money laundering.

In response to this news, users of the trading platform withdrew large amounts of BTC (equivalent to USD 425 million). This currency movement, however, was imperceptible to Bitcoin’s price behaviour.

Bitcoin old moves

Another important event that may have influenced Bitcoin’s price behaviour was the movement of Satoshi-era coins. Under other circumstances, this would have had a negative impact because it would have meant more liquidity in the market.

All of this indicates that, as stated, Bitcoin’s maturity has allowed for a significant degree of stability. This has been expressed during the first days of October.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the hacking of the KuCoin exchange, from which some 150 million dollars were extracted in Bitcoin, Ether and ERC20 . Nor has any reaction been reported on the price of the main cryptomoney.

However, some analysts believe that these events have prevented the price of the pioneering crypt currency from rising, leaving it stagnant.

It should be remembered that hacking and other events such as those described above, cause great pressure to sell, which generates a collapse in the price. But the firm CyptoQuant affirms that KuCoin has experienced a minimal abandonment after the violation of its security.

Market capitalisation remains high

According to CoinMarketCap numbers, Bitcoin’s market capitalization is $ 196,852,087,162. This amount has remained relatively stable in the first days of the month, despite the events that have impacted the environment surrounding this digital currency.

Another aspect to take into consideration, in order to forecast Bitcoin’s behavior, is its quality as one of the best assets of 2020. Throughout the year, only once has Bitcoin been below gold and the S&P 500, and that was in March.

In a graph presented by Dan Held of Kraken, it can be seen that Bitcoin’s performance at the beginning of October is still well above the other two assets.

From all this, it can be said that, during the month of October, stability in the price of Bitcoin can be expected. For the time being, there are no signs that could indicate a sudden increase in price volatility.

As for its Hashrate, although it has fallen, the trend is to increase as the mining business expands around the world.

Les traders retirent plus de 40K Bitcoin de BitMEX à l’occasion du coup d’envoi des problèmes juridiques de l’entreprise

La principale plate-forme d’échange de dérivés de crypto-monnaie BitMEX est actuellement confrontée à une foule d’accusations criminelles du gouvernement des États-Unis. Alors que la bourse basée aux Seychelles a nié tout acte répréhensible, les scandales semblent lui faire saigner les clients.

Les commerçants d’Antsy en mouvement

Selon les données de Glassnode, les commerçants ont retiré environ 45000 jetons BTC (d’une valeur d’environ 420 millions de dollars) de l’échange depuis le début de sa dispute avec le gouvernement américain. La société de suivi des données de la blockchain avait précédemment souligné que BitMEX avait perdu 23200 BTC (environ 243 millions de dollars) en une seule heure, marquant le flux horaire le plus massif jamais enregistré par l’échange.

Comme l’a ajouté Glassnode, les portefeuilles BitMEX contenaient initialement environ 170,00 BBTC (d’une valeur d’environ 1,8 milliard de dollars). Cette importante sortie d’actifs nuira sans aucun doute à l’entreprise.

Parallèlement aux sorties, les positions ouvertes sur les contrats à terme Bitcoin en bourse ont chuté de 20%, selon les données de la société d’analyse de marché Skew. En raison de la baisse des actifs, il est fort probable que le dossier d’accusation du gouvernement ait causé ce coup pour ouvrir des positions.

Les données de Crystal Blockchain ont corroboré le rapport Glassnode, expliquant que les sorties nettes de BitMEX continuent d’augmenter. La société d’analyse de données a également postulé que Huobi, Binance, OKEx et Gemini avaient été les plus grands bénéficiaires de la fuite des investisseurs. À eux seuls, les quatre échanges auraient absorbé 20 000 BTC des actifs transférés.

Les choses pourraient devenir désordonnées

Les baisses de métriques proviennent d’une charge BitMEX importante qui a chuté plus tôt ce mois-ci. Le 1er octobre, la Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) des États-Unis a déposé une plainte contre la bourse basée aux Seychelles, l’accusant d’exploiter une plate-forme de négociation non enregistrée et de violer les violations de la lutte contre le blanchiment d’argent (AML).

Le dossier, qui a été déposé dans le district sud de New York, a nommé cinq entités et trois personnes qui possèdent l’échange. Ils incluent Arthur Hayes, PDG de BitMEX, Samuel Reed et Ben Delo. Les autres entités comprennent HDR Global Services (Bermuda) Limited (BitMEX), ABS Global Trading Limited, HRD Global Trading Limited, Shine Effort Inc. et 100x Holding Limited.

Comme la Commission l’a expliqué, elle estime que BitMEX offrait illégalement des services de trading à effet de levier aux commerçants. Depuis sa création en 2014, la bourse aurait proposé un trading à effet de levier à hauteur de 1 billion de dollars. Il a également accusé BitMEX d’avoir violé les procédures de conformité de base, y compris le non-enregistrement auprès des autorités et l’absence de procédures AML et Know-Your-Customer (KYC).

L’agence a confirmé la demande de restitution, de sanctions pécuniaires civiles, d’interdictions commerciales permanentes et d’injonctions contre de futures violations. Outre les accusations, la Cour a également inculpé les trois personnes susmentionnées – ainsi que le responsable du développement commercial de BitMEX, Gregory Dwyer – d’avoir violé la loi sur le secret bancaire. S’ils sont reconnus coupables, ils risquent chacun cinq ans de prison et payer des amendes d’environ 250 000 dollars.

Le directeur adjoint du FBI, William Sweeney, a affirmé que l’un des dirigeants de la société s’était vanté que la société était constituée dans une juridiction en dehors des États-Unis, car il serait facile de corrompre leurs régulateurs. Le ministère de la Justice a confirmé dans un communiqué que Reed avait été arrêté jeudi matin dans le Massachusetts. Les autres dirigeants de l’entreprise sont toujours en liberté.

LTC/USD konnte nicht höher klettern; Preis pendelt sich unter $50 ein

Litecoin-Preisvorhersage: LTC/USD konnte nicht höher klettern; Preis pendelt sich unter $50 ein

Der Litecoin-Preis bewegt sich in einem engen Bereich unter 50 Dollar, da er seit Tagesbeginn um 0,96% gestiegen ist.


  • Widerstandsebenen: $56, $58, $60
  • Unterstützungsstufen: 38, 36, 34 $

Auf der Tages-Chart bewegt sich LTC/USD um die untere Grenze des Kanals bei $48,36. Wenn der Preis den Rückgang unter dieses Niveau verlängert, könnte laut Bitcoin Future Barriere die kurzfristigen Bären verlangsamen, da sie seit Wochenbeginn als Backstop dient. Sollte der Ausverkauf an Zugkraft gewinnen, könnte sich der LTC auf einen psychologischen Wert von 45 $ zurückziehen. Die nächste starke Unterstützung könnte bei 38 $, 36 $ und 34 $ liegen, was das niedrigste Niveau im neuen Monat darstellt.

Wird LTC das Widerstandsniveau von 52 $ durchbrechen oder sich umkehren?

Auf der oberen Seite werden Händler eine nachhaltige Bewegung über $50 sehen müssen, um das kurzfristige technische Bild zu verbessern. Diese Barriere könnte durch die gleitenden 9-Tage- und 21-Tage-Durchschnitte verstärkt werden. Sobald sie aus dem Weg ist, wird die Aufwärtsbewegung wahrscheinlich an Zugkraft gewinnen, wobei der nächste Schwerpunkt auf den Widerstandsniveaus bei $52 und $54 liegen dürfte.

Jede weitere zinsbullische Bewegung könnte die Münze jedoch wahrscheinlich in Richtung der potenziellen Widerstandsniveaus von $56, $58 bzw. $60 drücken. Darüber hinaus ist der RSI (14) der Tages-Chart flach und befindet sich in einer neutralen Position unterhalb der 40-Marke, was bedeutet, dass kurzfristiges Range-Bound-Trading bei Bitcoin Future zu diesem Zeitpunkt vorherrschen könnte.

Im Gegensatz zu Bitcoin hatte der Litecoin-Preis seit Anfang dieses Monats einige Schwierigkeiten, als die Münze unter der soliden Unterstützung von 4700 SAT unterhalb des gleitenden 9- und 21-Tage-Durchschnitts explodierte und LTC/BTC weiter in Richtung 4600 SAT fiel. Die kritische Unterstützungsebene befindet sich unterhalb des Kanals bei 4300 SAT und darunter.

Jeder Versuch der Bullen, den Markt nach oben zu bewegen, um die gleitenden Durchschnitte zu kreuzen, könnte jedoch wahrscheinlich auf den potenziellen Widerstand bei 5000 SAT und darüber stoßen. Derweil bewegt sich der RSI (14) auf der Tages-Chart unter die 40er-Marke, was auf eine weitere Seitwärtsbewegung schließen lässt.

Bitcoin no logra mantener las ganancias por encima de 12.000 dólares, la fuga podría poner 15.000 dólares a la vista

En los últimos días, Bitcoin ha estado rugiendo para llegar a la marca de los 12.000 dólares. El miércoles temprano, el activo digital alcanzó brevemente los 12.037 dólares, sólo para volver a caer a 11.363 dólares al cierre de la edición.

Actualmente, la presión de venta es igual y no domina el sentimiento del mercado. La venta también coincidió con los informes de que la policía de Corea del Sur había incautado a Bithumb una importante bolsa de criptografía.

Los analistas creen que si se supera el nivel de resistencia de 12.000 dólares, Crypto Trader estará en condiciones de probar un máximo histórico para el año. Para mantenerse por encima del nivel, Bitcoin necesita una compra sostenida significativa.
Rusia se perderá el ‚billete Bitcoin‘ al caer en la trampa del oro, dice el economista
El Etéreo se acerca al máximo de los últimos dos años, 20.000 millones de dólares entran en el criptoespacio
Los mercados bursátiles aprovechan los nuevos máximos del impulso inflacionario de la Reserva Federal

En general, el nivel de 12.000 dólares sigue siendo una fuerte resistencia para Bitcoin, pero los toros han persistido en el curso de agosto para unirse al nivel de 11.000 dólares ofreciendo el tan necesitado apoyo. En las últimas cuatro semanas, Bitcoin ha sido incapaz de mantenerse por encima de los 12.000 dólares al menos cuatro veces.

Históricamente, si una criptocorriente quiere atravesar un nivel de resistencia tan significativo, normalmente prueba el nivel varias veces antes de atravesarlo.

Bitcoin tiene como objetivo un nivel de 15.000 dólares después de romper la resistencia de la corriente

La última vez que Bitcoin superó la barrera de los 12.000 dólares fue el 18 de agosto, un indicador de que el activo sigue probando el nivel a pesar de los múltiples rechazos. La marca del precio coincidió con un repunte en los precios del oro con algunos analistas explicando que el metal precioso controlaba el precio de Bitcoin.

El repunte de Bitcoin podría haber sido visto como una reacción a las inyecciones de liquidez por parte de los bancos centrales del mundo que está impulsando el interés y la inversión en el activo digital.

Hay cierto nivel de optimismo sobre qué esperar si Bitcoin supera con éxito el nivel de los 12.000 dólares. Si la resistencia se rompe, Bitcoin pondrá automáticamente la vista en 15.000 dólares que se convierte en un objetivo probable para los toros.

Sin embargo, una clara ruptura a través del área de los 12.000 dólares sólo puede afirmarse con una vuelta de apoyo. Sugerirá que los compradores están interviniendo a medida que la resistencia anterior se transforma en un nuevo apoyo.